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The 7 Best Back Exercises You’re NOT Doing | BEST Back Workout!

posted by troy adashun
2 years ago

In this article we are going to dive into the 7 best back exercises you’re not doing. You can do all 7 of these exercises for a complete back workout. This back workout will nail the upper, middle, and lower portion of your back through an intense array of movements.

The great thing about this back workout is we apply some of the core mechanisms of muscle growth like mechanical over and metabolic stress.

This means we are maximizing BOTH our progressive overload and lifting heavy weight through a full range of motion, as well as time under tension, aka “metabolic stress.”

Want a video tutorial? Watch the full video on Youtube here!

The best back workout will isolate the latissmus dorsi, trapezeus, erector spinae, rhomboids and all the surrounding muscle groups.

Its important that we understand back anatomy before getting into this workout routine so you can understand the variety of back muscles in our body.

Check out this back anatomy picture below. These 7 pulling exercises will hit all of these muscles!

Anatomy Of Back Muscles

The 7 Best Back Exercises You’re NOT Doing (ULTIMATE Back Workout!)

  1. Mechanical Overload Db 1 Arm Row (With Partial Reps)

You can see this incredible back exercise in the back workout video we posted on our Youtube channel, as well as all the others.

Start off with a weight that is fairly heavy for you on the db. 1 arm row. Do 6 full repetitions, and then finish with 6 partial reps only going half way up. You are strongest on the bottom half of the movement so adding heavy partial reps after you hit failure maximizes time under tension.

2. Low Barbell Row with a STICK and hold

This is very much like a traditional barbell row exercise, except you will be STICKING and holding each rep for 3 seconds at the top of the concentric portion of the rep.

Make sure to pick a weight that is lighter than you normally would do on this exercise, and focus on the contraction. Another tip is to think about squeezing into your belly button so you hit a low row.

Think about pulling with your elbows and NOT your hands as well.

3. Overhand to Underhand lat pulldown superset

This is a great way to add more intensity to your back workout and nail the time under tension principle, which is also called metabolic stress.

Start off on a lat pulldown machine and do a weight that is fairly heavy for 8-10 reps with a wide grip. Then switch to an underhand grip and do another 4-8 reps until failure!

As you can see in the back video tutorial – you are actually way stronger with an underhand grip so you can use the same weight.

Watch this epic back exercise here along with the rest of these!

4. Max Contracted Db. Farmers Walks

This one is a good old fashioned muscle builder that will sculpt every muscle in your upper back and traps! Walk with a heavy pair of dumbbells around your gym while squeezing and contracting the upper traps and rhomboids. This exercise will help you develop thick traps and muscular rhomboids.

Make sure to hit at least 30 seconds time under tension for maximum results.

5. Standing T-Bar Row triple dropset

The triple drop set is a bodybuilding favorite for adding thickness and mass to any muscle. The T-Bar row is great at activating the lats for getting a wider and thicker back.

Start with a weight that you can do about 6-8 times, and then perform 2 dropsets. Each drop should lower the weight by about 20-30%. Aim to stick in the 8 rep range on all portions of the drop-set, for a grand total of 24 reps.

6. Slow Motion Pull-Ups

This is exactly like it sounds. You will be doing slow motion pull ups to maximize time under tension and muscular contractions with the best exercise for adding thickness!

Try squeezing your rhomboids together throughout each rep and go for a count of 3 seconds on the way down and on way up.

Once again, check the Youtube video for a full breakdown.

7. Pre Fatigued Lats (Seated Row)

This is one of the best back exercises for stubborn lats. You will start off pre fatiguing your latissmus dorsi with a shaper movement. Then you are going to immediately go into a seated row while squeezing and activating your lats throughout the duration of the movement.

Pick a fairly heavy weight on the seated row movement! This is one of the best back exercises for a wider back – so go hard or go home!

Make sure to check out the YOUTUBE CHANNEl for more workout videos.


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